Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Training Event

As the leaves started to shake free from the trees during cool fall gusts, I began to wonder whether the Sochi 2014 Olympic organziers had found enough people to serve at the training event for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Curling Championships.  I hadn't heard any news from the Volunteer Crew for a few months.

Then TODAY I got word! I have scheduled my interview.  It will be a SKYPE interview.  I must practice my tourismo Russian for a few days.  I fully intend to be able to at least order a coffee and ask directions when I am in SOCHI ..that is, if I pass the interview of course.

This will be my second Olympics, should I be selected.

What training event?  All Olympic Curling Officials receive their training, 12 months before the Olympic Games.  Curling officials serve for the World Junior Curling Championships.  Like the Olympics it has both men's and women's divisions so it is a great opportunity for the officials, the ice technicians, and the Olympic committee to take a look at the facility, the new technologies for statistics, timing, scoring, communication, even media.  It is a solid dry run, and it is compulsory for everyone on the Olympic Officiating team.

click then scroll down to see how Canada has performed at the Jrs.

The Sochi2014 curling facility is called... The Ice Cube!!  I can't wait to see it!

I have a long road ahead, to again qualify as an Olympic curling official, and to arrange and budget my travel and accommodations. Hmmm. Maybe this time I will seek some sponsorship for my grand adventure into the Olympic Curling Championships.

Any takers?  I will definitely be blogging from there.  Follow along.


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The old gray mare said...

go nelski go! would be proud to sponsor you. XOXO nz