Saturday, 12 October 2013

Roaring toward Sochi 2014

So slowly turn the cogs in the wheels leading to the Olympic Games.  Since my formal skype interview with the Sochi Olympics Organizing Committee over a year ago, weekly "donotreply" emails have arrived from them.

I thought that because I hadn't participated in the 2013 World Juniors in Sochi (the training event) that I may have relinquished my chance to officiate at the big event.  The cost of the flights was just too much for a volunteer opportunity.

But no.. they continued to communicate and court me.  And then, they asked for my visa photo so, I knew I was still in the loop.  I took one more stab at checking the flight costs and found a version that came in under $3000 return much better than prices I had found in 2012 .

I bit the bullet and booked my flight to my credit card.  YIKES. But, I am going to swallow my pride and seek donations to defray my costs this time.  - $1 to $1000 - just click the DONATIONS button (paypal only) on the right === >.

I will be blogging from Sochi, just as I did from Vancouver in 2012.  I will also blog from the Roar of the Rings in December (in Winnipeg) where I will be a volunteer timing official.  So, you will get something for  your donation.

I am crossing my fingers that accommodations will be covered while I am in Sochi.  I am certain that my local transportation, most meals, and my Olympic apparel will be free.

Secretly my ultimate goal is to work the 2018 games in Pyeong Chang, SK.  I have many friends in South Korea and need to spend time there.  That would become my third Olympic Games.

Another idea I have for fundraising for my Sochi adventure is to sell the rights to a great curling song I wrote during the 2012 Brier.  It's an R&B riff, called Just 3 Rings - and could be a great calling card for any business, curling team, or curling organization.  Make me an offer and find the musicians to do the version you love.  Contact me:  I'll sing it for you in Sochi if you want!  I am going to make a video of me singing it - but I certainly don't have the the Eve or Jennifer or Mike appeal.
Buy a Calendar!
Support me on the road to Sochi.  Moral support is also appreciated. Comment on my blog.  If you want to get some visibility on my blog, that is also an option.  Just let me know, and make a reasonable donation.  I've been blogging for WCT's Whites Curling Classic for years, and can easily give you some profile (links/logos) here on my NelskiCurls blog.

Disclaimer: I have many friends who vehemently oppose the Olympic movement because of the poor people who are displaced for the Olympic cause, and because of the corporate powers that attach themselves to the games for public relations purposes.  This is a dilemma for me.  But, I also think about the athletes who dedicate their lives toward excellence.  Like me, they give their time and value the corporate involvement.  It is a tradeoff.  Yes, a compromise. And I think about the families and fans who adore their sport.  Curling is in my genes.  My grandparents and parents were curlers.  I am a curler.  The game gives so much.  Curlers are fantastic folk.  I am participating because of my love of the roaring game.  Please stand by me.  If my donations exceed my flight and accommodation costs, I will donate the surplus toward an anti-poverty organization TBA. As Jesse Pinkford said, "My word is my bond".  heh heh.

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