Monday, 15 February 2010

Into the Venue

The curling rings are green.  They look really great.  And the bumpers are green too.  Everything is in the Oly's colour theme.  That's the good news.  The not so good news is the food for the spectators's system.  Prepare yourself for a long walk if you come to the Vancouver Olympic Centre on the Canada Line.  Plan for a 30 minute stroll.  Prince Edward is residential between Cambie and Ontario, so there are no food nor beverage stops in that part of the neighbourhood.  From last year, I remember that Main is much closer to the venue than either Cambie or King Edward so starting tomorrow I'm leaving the train and sticking to the bus 3-Main.  A very friendly bus driver, and an equally friendly street dweller gave me what feels like solid advice and I'm gonna diverge from the recommended commute and see if I can reduce my hike from 30 to six minutes.  I'll let you know.

Wow! Today was Sunday and sunny.  Warm and everyone was so spirited.  As I write, Bus 250 is crossing the Golden Gate and I can see the Russain tall ship on my right and West Van lights on my left.  Cyprus Mountain can bne seen from almost everytwhere in the city and was a gold mine for Canada tonight.  The transit system really is working, though I did see some line-ups to get on the Canada Line heading to the Waterfront where the cauldron is.

My afternoon was spent at the curling venue.  The teams have practice sessions eighty minutes long.  Every twenty minutes they move to another sheet.  It takes five sessions to give all teams their practice time.  And they'll go through it all again tomorrow.  Then our games will begin. 

I still have not seen many of the entertainment sites, but there is one here in West Van at their lovely community centre, and there is action there every night.  Truly, the whole city is involved.  Canadian shirts and hats and flags are everywhere.  Families and couples and packs of friends and wandering souls are all united in thier wanderings along the streets of downtown Vancouver.

Today's photos show the arena.  There are jumboTrons on both ends that show feeds of other Olympic events as well as close-ups of the games at hand.  

So wtg Kristina Groves and Alexandre Bilodeau and Jenn Heil.  Go Cda Go.


Nola said...

watching for webcasts.. are the nodes hard to find? Looking forward to the curling action today!

Andrea Dixon said...

I caught up on your last 3 blog today ans you are doing an excellent job Nancy.... I am getting so swept up in your word, you have a fabulous rythmn when you write!!! It sounds like you are all caught up in the Olympic life right now and I am glad that you are having a great time!! Can't wait to see you when you get back and hear all the stories.... I keep looking for you on the tube but haven't seen you yet!!!

Lois said...

Hi Nancy... loving the updates...! what is your schedule...? Are you working today?

Nola said...

I thought I saw you almost tucked in behind the scoreboard.. was that you with the hat on? You were there, then you were gone.. not sure it was you. I'd like to know where you are situated, so I can watch for you. Wasn't the Martin game exciting. I was disappointed that CTV didn't broadcast the Women's game, as I don't have TSN. Darn.

Coralie said...

Must be pretty exciting there!! Will be watching to see if you are around there. Do you know when your next game is?? Have a great time and watch for a crew from Swan River! (fr Lance)