Sunday, 14 February 2010

So Far So Good Transit

Welcome to Lotus Land. Everyone is happy and enthusiastic. At every turn, folks have been offering directions and transportation tips and the system is working. I am off the sea bus in North Van, relaxing myself into the spirit of the games, with a nice coffee, on a patio at the boat ramp. Great for people-watching.

The accreditation and apparal pick-up at the Forum, on the PNE grounds was seamless, and that included getting there from the airport. The new Canada Line train is great.  It's quiet, fast and efficient. I switched to the Millineum line and the transit system set up an experss bus from there, north along Renfrew to the PNE. It cost me $7.50 to get to the PNE, buy now that I have my accreditation I ride for free. That is so nice.  It is not just the money savings, but also the not having to line up for the tickets and needing the change. There are even transit info volunteers to help you at almost every corner if you haven't found a friendly local citizen to point you where you are going. It is only day one. I really don't think transit will be a problem.

I've seen buskers and protesters and street people and enthusiastic tourists and lost of smurfs. That's what we volunteers look like in our blue get-up; but it is such nice quality. No complaints from me.

I've had feedback on the Mint exhibit and the Nunuvut Pavillion so far as both being good news destinations. I am completely out of touch with the curlers but will touch base tonight. I was invited to “test the ice” (and give the camera crew some practice) with the rest of the curling volunteers in a fun game, but I didn't bring my shoes, so may end up on the sidelines watching that.... unless someone will lend me some. Of course, I'm always game to chuck or sweep a stone.

I like this seaside air. It is plus nine and cloudy and it feels so fresh. The rain comes and goes. The olympic sports are on all of the TVs in the coffee shops and the LED signs on the fronts of the busses flash from the name of the bus route to Go Canada Go!

Today promises to be chaos, with the Lunar New Year falling smack in the middle of the first weekend of the Olympics. Lucky for me, I go west to my venue and will not have to cross through China Town tomorrow, although.... hmmm. Maybe I should.

I'm walking the sea wall now and then will head back across the inlet.  More later.

The pictures today show the bus ride along East to West Hastings, the Sea Bus Landing and Lonsdale, and a Transit volunteer.


Nola said...

I think that Chinatown would be a great stop and I'd love to see some of their celebrations.. maybe even a ustream webcast!! I hear the cherry trees are in blossom, love to see that too! I'll be watching for you!

nel said...

whew! yes there are flowers in bloom here. The crocuses and daffs are up and early hydrangeas are out. It was like summer today. Didn't make it to Chinatown... maybe Tuesday.