Saturday, 20 February 2010

Main Street - Double Espresso

I had a short change last night, moving from evening draw to morning and afternoons.  I have a ticket for tonight's men's draw but needed my double injection of espresso.  I walked along main and found a great spot.  Am sitting outdoors listening to the traffic and smelling the restaurants.

The curling venue is completely accessible to Main Street, and the bus service up and down is great and the transit workers are mostly really funny and engaging.  I will be hungry by the time I get back for the game, probably late, but honestly, I've seen a lot of curling and a good night's sleep is sounding pretty good to me.  To quench my hunger, I think I'll grab a cup of noodles and inhale or slurp them as I walk around to the main entrance of the Vancouver Olympic Centre.  Until now, I've been entering by the volunteer entrance.

I work among timers, statisticians and timing technicians from Omega. It is a great crew of people, all dedicated to making the games as good as they can be.  I've been hearing tales of pavillions and musical shows and roaring throngs of people whooping it up, but mostly, I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone and attending my draws.

The Danish women have been curling in skirts.  I like that.  They are not getting the attention that the NorwayPants guys are, but they look good.  Too many of the teams are wearing red this year.  That alone has made the Swedish Blue and Yellow stand out.  Speaking of Swedes - Norberg gave up three on a pick and ended up being tromped by the Russian women.  Hmmm.  The Chinese women are winning some, but are certainly not presenting themselves as invincible. I almost wish I was at home watching because for the first time ever, all four sheets are being streamed live on the internet.  You can watch every game of every draw.  Our game has hit the global big time.  The Japanese women looked strong last night.  The Scottish women are cracking, methinks.

The sun has set and the draw begins in 20 minutes.  I'd like to get there for the second end, so I'll post a few pictures of fans, and of main street, and try to catch you here tomorrow.

BTW - I have Russell connections..... dozens of dead relatives in the cemetery there.... and worked under Eldon ... Jon Montgomery's dad!  Lots of my FB friends are cheering the glory of their home town boy and I'm all wrapped up in their excitiment. What a guy eh!  Gotta love him.

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Julian Kim said...

Hi, Nancy! Your blog are really excting, your expressions are awesome and vivid, so I feel as if I were there. I'd like to know more about curling if I have a chance. I also sent you emails with my 2 assignments. I really hope you'll enjoy your time in Vancouver. See you soon!